Bayelsa State; Criminality or Sincerity

Bayelsa is home to the Ijaw ethnic group located in the heart of the Niger Delta. The state was created in 1996 and has been hit by series of political crises bordering on mismanagement, high handed corruption and other criminal activities. However, in its recent gubernatorial election of November 201and January this year saw Henry Seriake Dickson emerge as Governor for the second time on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party. Genuinely the people voted for Dickson because they dislike Timipre Slyva’s brutal hooliganism. Hence, Dickson won the elections with the backing of Late Chief DSP Alamieseighia and GEJ all illustrious sons of the State. It is pertinent to stress that the people’s trust has been betrayed with increasing hardship in the State. As the salaries of many government own ministries and parastalals have not been paid for more than 3 months with the LGAs suffering the more. This situation has heightened tensions in Creek Heaven between the Governor and his Deputy over nonpayment of salaries. The Governor who is said to be out of the country is perceived to feel less about this bizzare living conditions in the State. Rather than address this salaries issue he occasionally takes to the local media to vent his anger, also acknowledging that there is money but salaries cannot be paid until he’s repeated verification is concluded. The State university is on strike now for nonpayment of salaries, even the elderly battling with one illness or the other find it very difficult to buy their pills. This is the challenges staring at the people, as some have even relocated to the village because of the difficulty of paying their rent. Our leaders have failed generally, they leave in luxury while the electorate they were suppose to serve die in starvation. These leaders are too pocket conscious. However, there is a rumour making the round that the governor has been arrested, if this happens Bayelsans will jubilate.



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