The Nation at Mute

The cities has gone rogue, inflation on the increase, the drop in the price of crude oil has lingered. The International financial instutions insist we must the devalue the Naira, even the Minister of Information Lai Mohammed has carried out saying the current economic upturn is not within the reach of the present administration. The fortunate unfortunate President is engaged in shuttle diplomacy in a bid to influence an increase in the price of the black gold in the international market. Some watchers of politics say the President should look more inward as Nigeria as the potentials of emerging as the true going that she is, if its verse resources are extracted and manage by capable hands. This question remains unanswered; How much influence does Nigeria has that She can persuade the Suadi,’s government to hike the price of the black gold to just for the sake of Nigeria? That influence is lacking. The change in government is obviously done, the confusion in the amalgamated political structure is entertaining and it sincerely robbed on all members of the party. There is series of compromise of fundamental campaign promises which enabled the APC garner votes and this has made the some media stakeholder calling for the APC manifesto to be rewritten. The beauty of it all nobody sees anything wrong with all these high level of hardship meted on the people, the government has hinged all its failures on the woes of the previous administration. The truth remains that even as GEJ administration flopped it had its landmark success and some of these successes this current administration is also benefiting from with minimal acknowledgement of this great Icon of democracy Dr. GoodLuck Ebele Jonathan. A nation known for its outspoken personalities is turned into a graveyard with few watchers of politics wrangling around, everybody has suddenly turn a blind eyes to all this rather English is appreciated by saying “It is well”





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